Fake Followers in Social Media can hurt you
Fake and Ghost followers can spam your real followers, reduce your engagement and also you can lose your accounts. Many of us have fake followers in Twitter and Instagram, maybe you are following some fake and you don’t know it yet.
I will explain in details how to get rid of the fakes from your Social Media, and I will update you about few tools that will help you with this project.

Now we count with several tools to identify fake followers from our social media. These are the most useful for me: Fakers App, Fakefollowers, and IGExorcist.

Faker App was developed to identify fake twitter accounts. Using Fakeres App you can find the fake accounts are invading your twitter account. This tool also offers you the opportunity to measure the fake followers of your competition. You have to click on Fakers App and authorize the app to access your twitter account. The results are fast and in few minutes you can see your report.
Visit the app for more info about services they offer.

Fake Followers is a free tool that you can find at SocialBakers. Fake Followers will take 100 of your followers and will compare them with a list of criteria.

When an account has 90 days without any activity or has sent lees than four tweets, it will fall in an inactive category.
This app is easy to use. Just write your twitter id or somebody else’s twitter id and get the report

In the example above we can see that the user @sanchezec has 4% suspicious or empty followers, 5% inactive and 91% good.

The report also shows you some of the empty account identity. Now, that you have identified the fake ones, you can block them from your twitter account.

IGExorcist allows you to check for fake and ghost accounts that follow you in Instagram. This works by checking
your actual followers and accounts you used to follow. It will take into consideration activity the last 10 months.

This is easy and fun to use since I did this with my account. In order to see your report, just go to IGExorcist website. Then you can be redirected to your Instagram, and click Request Rebuild Button, and you will get your report.

Remember IGExorcist takes into account 300 past days of no activity. Perhaps someone just started following you and has had any interaction yet. This account will be seen as inactive because the app doesn’t know when someone started to follow you.

Finally, before you click the delete button make sure you double check. You know there are a lot of real people that only have accounts to check other accounts status, get updates or their favorite brands. These accounts are no fake. They may be are inactive but still are real and it can be useful to keep these followers. Who know maybe one day one of these silence account holders will buy something from you!
Please let me know your thoughts. I am interested to know them.
“Smart phones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever”.