Social Media plays a big role in Marketing today.
Business and companies are putting their efforts into reaching out people to build in order to increase their audience. As we know, these companies are busy getting their brand out there. Therefore many times they forget about the big asset they have, their employees.
Social Media has been misunderstood for many businesses that believe Social Media has been designed to serve a brand. On the contrary, Social Media is a bridge to communicate people not a brand. That’s why is important to turn your employees into your Social Media advocates. Nobody is better than company employees to get the brand out there. We can take as an example A
Dell where their employees use their social media accounts to updates information about the company.

“58% of certified employees engage in Social Media post every week on behalf of DELL”.

“Employees share 6 times more DELL updates on their Social Media outlets than on company accounts”Jay Baer said.
Individual posts made on personal accounts have more impact on people than post made on company account.
According to Nielsen “ 92 percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising”. Vs. “ 47% of people trust advertisement from companies”
We can see, that your employees are big asset for your Social Media efforts. Your employees have families and friends and these families and friends have families and friends too and all of them have social media outlets. That is a word of mouth in the Internet that carry trust and confidence.

According to the survey by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project “ 71% of internet users adults in USA are on Facebook while 18% of Internet users adults in USA are on twitter”
“Average Facebook user has 338 friends and average twitter user has 208 followers”
Companies can’t waste the opportunity to turn their employees into brand ambassadors. Now you wonder how I can make my employees feel confident about sharing company information on their personal accounts.
Well, first it is important to create a Social Media Guideline that includes points like:

    1. You are responsible for what post,/li>
    2. You have to state that you work for the company
    3. Identify on your Social Media Account by your name and position on the company
    4. Respect the audience
    5. Respect copyright and logo of the company.
    6. And other similar things that are common sense.

Having a guideline and providing training is a good starting point to engage your employees to participate on Social Media as your brand ambassador. Hire a coach to motivate your employees so that they involved and participate actively on Social Media talking about the brand. You can also give away some small things as awards. In addition, you can create a contest inside the company to decide who is the employee that publishes the most information about the company on her or his personal Social Media accounts. Organize events for employees like a picnic day at the park and tell them to publish pictures of the event on their Instagram accounts. It will be fun, and this will create awareness of your brand. Use metrics to see results and share with everybody the information. Don’t keep it just for the manager. Make your employees feel as an important part of the company because they are.
According Edelman, 2013. “41% of people believe employees are trustworthy than a company’s CEO or PR department”.
This shows us that employees posting will engage people and earn trust for the brand they are talking about.

I know you are thinking, well it sounds great, but I have a small company and I have a few employees. Use the same pattern for your company. Start with your employees by making them feel happy to work for your brand then they will become passionate about it, and will be natural for them to talk great things about the brand. Let me know how things are going for you in this new project!
“You can’t be the best place to buy if you are not the best place to work”

How to Use Twitter?

Twitter-Amazing Tool to Promote your Business.
Would you like to reach everybody with your images in Twitter?

Do you want to know the way to optimized your for Twitter New Feeds without clicking any link? Twitter’s in-stream preview images are the best way to get more views.
I will show you how to prepare your pictures to get attention for your audience.

1) Prepare your Pictures

Twitter’s in preview shows your pictures in news feeds user. The pictures are displayed without clicking any link. You know in Social Media you need to provide the information right there. There are a few amounts of people that click links. Try Twitter in-stream for faster engagement.
Let say you want to show to your public your new office and you add the picture, but twitter in-stream only shows a picture that is 440 pixels wide and 220 pixels tall. Then, you will have to resize your images to this size. If you don’t do it, your image will shrink on the top and bottom. You don’t know what part of the image will be missed. As a consequence what will the people see? The picture or image makes any sense.
For example, you took the pic of your new office and added a banner on the top that said, “ Welcome to my new office”. If your pictures are bigger than 440 pixels wide and 220 pixels tall twitter in –stream will cut the banner and your images won’t say anything.
Do your homework and resize your image for better communication with your audience. You don’t want them to miss your message.

2) Tweet four images at the same time.

Don’t tweet only one picture. Now, with the new feature you can tweet until four images.When you post more than one image, you can actually tell a story in twitter.
Lets say you have a bakery business and you want to show the four steps of making a wedding cake. You can upload four pictures and let people know what is the process.I guarantee you that your followers are more likely to share this kind of posting.When people share your postings on twitter, your pictures are reaching a bigger audience.
You can also use twitter app to upload pictures. This app has an editor that will allow you to rotate, crop and add different shades and filters to your pictures. It is something similar to Instagram effects.
When you are using your phone, you can also use a third party tool such as: Pic Stitch to make collages and show more. This practice will work really well for twitter and Instagram postings.

3) Tag people in your images in order to increase your audience’s reach.

When your tag people in your pictures, you make them participate in your activities. You show them affection and attention. They feel significant and they are more likely to share your pictures. If you are posting an image for an event, or an invitation, it is great idea to tag people in your picture. Now you wonder how I will do that without wasting the 140 characters I have in my tweets. Well, now you don’t need to use @ mention to tag people in your posting when you use an image. After, you upload an image it will show you an option that says: who’s in this photo? Then you can tag up to 10 people in every single picture post.

4) Linking Instagram and Twitter in Stream Pictures

If you are using Instagram app with twitter to share the same images and get more followers, let me tell you that Twitter will only shows a link to the photo, but it doesn’t show it on Twitter in stream.

Instagram doesn’t show you the pictures that you shared from Instagram to twitter. If a user goes to your photos and videos, the images that you previous shared from Instagram wont be there.
I will show you a way around to change that. You can create an IFTTT recipe that will facilitate your new Instagram photos that will show as tweets in the photo format.

Many people don’t know how to get more from twitter. Here I am showing How to by not only sharing images and telling stories with several images. It also shows how to customize your postings. You should create a template that you will use in more of your images to create brand recognition. Of course that take little time to do, but it will pay off. Imagine your collage with your logo in the top or bottom corner shared on twitter. It will be a great way to reach new followers.Let me know if you have any question about this subject, I will be happy to help you. Good luck!

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek”.