Social Media Marketing an important aspect of Business:

Social Media Marketing is a term that is used for communicating, interacting, and updating people online. There is no need to be technical in order to use Social Media Outlets such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
Everyday more and more people around the world use Social Media Marketing as a way to express themselves. Social Media Marketing is very powerful because in seconds a new, post picture or anything posted in any social media outlet can reach billions of people in the world:

Let’s take a look at some numbers:

Facebook has 1.35 billion monthly users. Twitter has 288 million monthly users. Instagram has 300 millions monthly users.This information was found on “The Statistic Portal”.
YouTube has more than 1 billion users “Youtube statistics”
Pinterest has 25 million users “B2C”
LinkedIn 300 million “LinkedIn official Blog”
Google+ has 400 million members “Mashable”
Social Media outlets are growing fast since people get more and more involved in this way of communicating. Social Media Marketing offers users a way to get informed in seconds and also to give their opinion at the same moment they get the news. Many social media outlets like Instagram are more visual than others. Still, I believe social media is becoming more visual every day. Everybody doesn’t have the time to read long posts since a picture can speak for itself.
Furthermore, Social Media is really important for a business, company, or brand because it communicates. If you own a brand, you don’t want to be behind your competitors. This is why it is important for a business, company, or brand to have a social media presence. Keep in mind that not all-social media outlets fit all the business needs. For example, some businesses like women cloths are more appealing to Social Media Outlets such as: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook. The majority of users in Pinterest are women, and this outlet can get you huge exposure. As a result, your business can increase sales. Instagram is all about images, tags and links where users after they see a beautiful pair of shoes, they can find your business. Similarly, Facebook new feed allows posting images to engage your target audience. Also, Facebook ads are a great way to reach your niche using demographics. It is important to know how to use Social Media to get the most out of it.
Social Media Marketing is an exhausting and overwhelming job. When the performance has direction and follows a good plan, it will get great results. It takes time and effort but it will pay off.
Many people still get confused with so many Social Media Outlets, but the following image can give you a better idea about each Social Media Marketing tool.
Social media are a catalyst for the advancement of everyone’s rights. It’s where we’re reminded that we’re all human and all equal. It’s where people can find and fight for a cause, global or local, popular or specialized, even when there are hundreds of miles between them”. –
Queen Rania of Jordan