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Website Internal Linking help Users in Navigating the Website

Website internal linking refers to the links that are connected within a website.

Websites are ranked on their credibility since it comes from links. Website internal linking offers to a Search Engine the information within the website and helps users to navigate easily in the website.
A good example of Website Internal Linking is the navigation of a website because it links all the pages that are inside the website. Furthermore, it is important to place links between pages to show the search engines that the website has relevant information in all the pages. If we leave a page without any internal link, it can be seen for the spiders like the content is not relevant.

In order to be a crawler by Search Engines website internal linking is a must.

Website internal linking is part of the “Best SEO Practices” because it improves naturally the optimization of the website.
In other words, the website internal linking like your name has links that go from one page to the other in the same domain.
for example:
Page Blog has several blogs. One blog has the title “Web Page Optimization and its importance on SEO”. In this page, I have embedded a hyperlink that works like a website internal link on the keyword “On Page Optimization”

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