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When you do a search on Google, you’ve probably noticed that some websites show up first in the results while others don’t.
Although several factors play a role in how a search engine ranks a website, it is link building that’ll make the difference.
To get the most from your marketing plan, it is crucial to have a strong link building campaign.

SEO Backlink Service

A backlink is simply a link that one website receives from another website. When there are backlinks to your website then it tells the search engines that your content is reliable and relevant. Quality backlinks can give your brand just the boost it needs to rank positively in search engine results. In the link building world, quality is better than quantity, and I offer my clients affordable link building services. My SEO backlink service provides links from:

As a professional SEO backlink service provider, I will create a customized strategy to improve your website’s traffic and search engine rank.



Utilizing white hat SEO strategies and high domain links, I’ll ensure that your backlink profile is not only strong and gets noticed, but can also withstand the competition.


I’ll use quality backlinks to help improve your domain authority. When domain authority is increased, then your rankings will increase as well. As a result, you’ll have increased organic traffic and sales.


My link building services will increase your website traffic exponentially. You can expect to see a spike in website viewers and web traffic.


I will create link building solutions that will help your website reach Top 10 in the Search Engines.


I will provide monthly reports with the new backlinks so you can evaluate the performance of the links acquired. In addition, I’ll include dashboards and charts of your backlink profile so you can visually see if the links are serving their purpose: to generate traffic and conversions.


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Our One-of-a-Kind Process and Strategy

SEO Content Audit

I want to provide you with the best SEO and link building services for your specific website. Therefore, I need to conduct a content audit to find out what are the pieces of content that have more potential for link building.

Competitor Analysis

If you can’t beat them, join them. The competitor analysis takes a look at what three of your competitors are doing to boost their sales. This small glimpse allows me to get a step ahead of your competitors by not only integrating their successful backlinks and marketing techniques, but also taking it up a notch by finding better ones.

Backlinks Strategy

A lot of research goes into designing a winning backlink strategy. I’ll conduct data and competitive backlink research to increase your site authority. After that, I’ll develop a solid backlink portfolio by completing an in-depth content analysis, digital PR, and more.

Backlink Prospecting

Having the right data is key to creating successful backlinks. Using the data, I obtain information to build an audience persona. Next, I’ll find relevant websites that align with yours and represents your target audience.

Backlink Acquisition

A lot of SEO and PR experience goes into finding good backlinks. I work alongside website owners and journalists that help me to provide a safe and efficient link outreach service.

A Better Website, Guaranteed

One of the keys to link building is ensuring not only that the links help the content get noticed, but that the information is relevant.

I’m a well-trained expert and highly experienced with SEO content. My job is to provide natural backlinks that not only garner attention but also boost SEO and increase rankings within the search engines. SEO can work for you but to truly get the most from your marketing campaign you need the experience and support of a quality backlink service. This is where I come in.


What is domain authority?

SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and Majestic rely on formulas to rank the trustworthiness of a website based on backlink portfolios. These tools look for certain factors. These factors include the number of links, the quality of links and the anchor text used. All of this information shows how likely a popular search engine like Google will trust the website. Successful SEO is achieved only once your site has reached a high enough domain authority to be recognized instantly by such a search engine.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Search engines like Google view backlinks as proof of a credible and authoritative website. While still being important on the backend, these links tell individual viewers that you’re trustworthy and can provide reputable proof to your claims. The more your site is mentioned by other well-known authoritative sites, the more authority you’ll have, too. Not to mention that all the extra links provide more ways for traffic to find your website.

How Can I help you?

I can help you increase your rank. My SEO and backlinking skills can get you a score in the Top 10 of Google and other search engines. With your new Top 10 status you can expect more traffic and customers on your website. Even more importantly, all of this is done with professional, quality domain authority.

How long does it take to get into the Top 10 on Google?

Several factors influence how long it takes you to get into the Top 10. It depends on your content, audience, and competitors. Caring People, for example, took three months to reach the Top Five with Google, but each site is different. Your website could take more or less time, but rest assured I have the skills and tools in place to get you there.


I supervised Karina for almost 2 years. We worked closely on creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy for this new companywide initiative. Throughout her time at Caring People Karina demonstrated her passion and dedication to success. She took the time to really understand the home healthcare industry and ways digital marketing could bring in new customers and improve the company’s bottom line. Karina educated the company about digital marketing and worked diligently to get the job done. In her role some of the many jobs Karina managed were: SEO, PPC Campaigns, Social Media, Keyword Search, Managing and Promoting Content. Karina was a team of 1 and embraced challenges. If there was something she wasn’t sure of she researched it and educated herself. I would highly recommend Karina for a position in a digital marketing department.

I worked with Karina for close to a year and in that time she brought several high-level and effective recommendations to the team. These recommendations were most helpful when it came to the growth of the search team here. Karina is a passionate and driven search marketer whose years of experience is evident with the quality of work she produces.

I worked with Karina from the inception of www.seniorcarenetworks.com to the successful initial launch.

While her expertise dramatically increased our ability to hit our launch deadlines, working Karina was much more than simply working with an expert. From the very beginning she partnered with us on redefining our SEO and content marketing strategy, which became a much stronger focus for the site. She almost instantly became a part of our team, helping us to significantly accelerate.

It was a pleasure to work with her and I recommend anyone looking for strategic or tactical help building out an online business to strongly consider hiring her. I’m looking forward to working with her again!

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