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The Process of SEO begins of Keyword Research

Keyword research is the initial step of Search Engine Optimization. While doing keyword research we should not only keep the keyword in mind but we should also think weather the keywords will bring right type of customers to the website or not.

Following are few of the important steps we need to take into consideration while doing Keyword research

Initial Keyword Research

You should write down all the search terms you think are good for your website. If you are facing problems in getting you can also go to your competitors’ website and you can get the keywords from it as well. Also, you can Google the keywords and you can get suggestions from it. Check the following image.

Google Keyword Planner to Other tools

Once you have a raw list of keywords. You can go to the keyword planner tool and search these keywords on the tool. The tool will give your average monthly searches for each of the keywords. You can set preference with this tool. Like which country you want to do your business in, You can also put a specific city name as well.

Now once you have set your preferences you can get the list of keywords along with their monthly search count. You can directly export this to your system and can sort the data as per average monthly searches. This will help you in getting the list of keyword which has high monthly searches as well as medium and low monthly searches

Selection of Keywords

Now you are set with the list of keywords. You can categorize the keyword as per following

High monthly Searches
Medium monthly Searches
Low monthly Searches

After this you will have the list of keyword in three categories. Now you need to create a mixture of these keywords and can use them very smartly on the website

Competition Analysis

Now you need to check the competition for each keyword you have in the list. There is a easy way to check it. You can go to relevant search engine like and put “allintitle: Keyword” in the search bar and not the competition in front of keyword list. keyword research
Also “allinurl: keyword” and put it in the next Colum. This helps you in knowing how many websites are using this keyword in their title tag and how many are using it in their URL.

If you follow these steps properly you can get your website optimized for most important relevant keywords and can rank them on major search engines.

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