micro-moments in digital marketing

With mobile-indexing search at the head of Google’s ranking system, having the best mobile-friendly and optimized website is crucial now more than ever. To keep up, focus on creating the best micro-moment with these tips.

What Are Micro-Moments?

A micro-moment is a fairly new internet term. To sum it up, any time someone uses their mobile device to make a quick purchase, research something, or find a local business, that is a micro-moment. Almost everyone with a smartphone has looked something up while in the middle of a task, and it’s in these moments that people are most prone to make their decisions and perceptions.

Micro-Moments in Digital Marketing

What are micro-moments in marketing and how can you use them? Well, a micro-moment is all about user intent, and in order to meet that expectation, you’ll need to optimize your content for those quick Google moments people have throughout the day. A well-crafted micro-moment SEO plan will help solidify your rankings this year.

Internet Lingo

In order to help your audience quickly digest your content, you will need easy-to-read copy and blog posts. Not just that, but you will want to stay current with the internet lingo and what people are talking about now. It may even help to get a quick idea or emotion across by using an emoji or funny image with your content.

Emotive, catching text and visuals are important in defining your content and brand. Aim for those viral moments of video and imagery in your copy and blogs. Encourage reaction by asking open-ended questions and having a call-to-action towards the top of your content, in plain view. Keep the ability to share in mind, as those micro-moments are as easy to share.

Use conversational language that invites the reader in and helps answer any questions they might have. Keep in mind why people have micro-moments: they want to learn, do, see, or find something important to their search, so make it a point to answer questions related to those activities.

Time is Money

Micro-moments happen in bursts of intent. When people search for something, they want a quick and informative answer. Most likely, any solution or response that lasts longer than ten minutes won’t be the reader’s choice, so you will want to keep the internet’s notoriously short attention span into consideration. Don’t just keep the content short, though; keep it concise without losing too much information. You want to answer your reader’s questions as fully and with as few words as possible.


From another angle, you’ll want your content to stay timely and relevant. Keep up to date with holidays, news, and current trends in your field. Current searches don’t favor old results. This also includes current lingo and viral culture, as these trends seem to come and go in an instant.

Choose the Right Community

Choosing a niche of focus can be difficult. On the one hand, it can help to narrow your own scope of relation by keeping your content relevant to a couple of tags or trends on the smaller scale. Don’t aim too small, however; you want to find a sweet spot where your content won’t be looked over while still having enough readers for it to matter.


On the other end, you may consider tapping into the active and thriving communities of some larger tags or trends online. Your content may become bogged down by the wave of other posts, but these categories are popular for a reason. People are browsing in those key areas, and if you post to trending topics, it may help gain an audience.

Micro-Moments Take Away

Micro-moments in digital marketing are a new and complex strategy, but you can reach better SEO results with these tips. Mobile-first indexing has picked up on shortened audience attention spans, and micro-moment SEO is your way to work around it. Use micro-moments to win the shift on mobile and stay ahead of the game.



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