Content Optimization – Important Aspects of Web Page Optimization:

Content optimization had a very important role in a web page optimization. The very first and important thing is having unique Content on the web page. The content on a web page should be more than 300 words.

Unique Content

You should unique content for your website pages. Avoid using duplicate content. Search Engines have strong algorithm against Duplicate content. Duplicate content can lead to penalization of website. So the first and foremost thing is having proper and unique content on the website

Informative Content

This is very good to have informative content. Now-a-days people write promotional content and use a lot of keywords to make it more eye-catchy. It has to be avoided if you are looking to enhance your presence on major search engines. If your content is unique and written using informative tone, it will for sure benefit you. This is important aspects of Content Optimization

Use of Heading Tags

>Once you have the content ready, use H1 to H6 tags to make it search engine friendly by Content Optimization. YOU can follow the following technique for using tags

Keyword Goes here

Content Goes here…………….

keyword Goes here

Content Goes here………..

Keyword Goes here

Content Goes here………..
Also, you can use Bold, Italic and Underline tags whenever necessary to optimize the Content
You can have a look on the following link

Use of Keywords

Try to use keywords in the first paragraph for sure and afterwards, you can use it according to the tone of the content. You should avoid keyword stuffing here and try to keep a good ration between keywords and the content. If you try to use more keywords then Google will look into it for sure.

Your targeted keyword should be added naturally on the web page, One thing has to take care of here is that We should target one web page for one keyword. We should not add multiple keywords to optimize a web page. This will confuse search engines which keyword to rank and which not to rank.

“My rule of thumb is build a site for a user not a spider.”
Dave Naylor

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