Blog to Engage your Audience – Great Tips that Works!

Blog is a great tool for Social Media Marketing!

Write your next blog after you have gathered enough information to write interesting content. Besides keeping the ideas fresh, use clear language by addressing important questions will make your blog successful.

Here are some of the Ideas that actually work:

Answering the most common questions:

Every brand needs to answer a few questions to their clients. These questions are most of the time handled by managers and the sales team. Giving the answers over the phone can actually be a tiresome and boring job. In addition, many people don’t bother calling to ask any question. Many people will prefer to move on to the next products and service that offer more information. Here you have a great chance to use each topic for your blog post.

Addressing the most general questions through blogs post is a great practice. Furthermore, consider a separate FAQ page for which each question is linked to its concerned post.

Expert Tip:
Try incorporating the question into the post titles!
Depending on “How-To” Posts

Every blog post needs to send across something this is informative, and the How-To articles do make them excellent reads. It will educate educated, but it will also rank higher the website in the major Search Engines. ‘How-to’ posts pique the reader’s interest and avoid additional clutter.

Expert Tip:
Use infographics along with blog post

Be careful about the image of your blog posting. Use a friendly layout that will help your followers to navigate across your blog and find the info they need. Most significantly is to use infographics. People love statistics, but they don’t feel like reading a book to know the actual facts. An infographic is the best way to educate your audience and promote your brand.

Expert Tip:
Add in company perks and announcements to the post, making the news highly shareable over social media.

Every now and then bloggers have to change the layout and flow of the blog page. Nothing fits better than an interactive Q&A Session. This actually adds a personal touch to the posts, concentrating more on the brand or a specific industry.

The formats that are ranging now include:

  • Interviewing the new employee
  • Focusing on the corporate honchos
  • Interviewing the satisfied customer

Expert Tip:

Look for the right individual as per your business needs and put forth these interactive questions, avoiding controversies.
Employees are Important: Feature them along

Customers are often interested in hearing the employee version Blogs posts that provide employee feedbacks are the most popular ones. The brand and the loyalty are strengthened as the customers connect easily to the organization. Again, this step will boost employee moral while motivating them immensely.

Expert Tip:
Always include the employee picture with the post.
Reviewing Products

Readers are interested in stories but not for long. In order to keep up with the competitive market, the bloggers must add in product reviews or descriptions pertaining to their business. Latest information actually sells like hot cakes, and the readers are always on the lookout for the newest versions and upgrades.

Expert Tip:

Keep the review extremely simple but highly detailed, assuming the customer would start from the scratch
Comparing Products

Challenge your own entrepreneurial setup on adding product comparisons as the blog topics. We write for the customer since comparing will certainly make the job easier for them.

Expert Tip:

Keep the comparisons exhausted by putting across the smallest details
Educating the Customers

Share relevant and trustful facts. Cite well know sources to earn trust. Statistics show in a fun way like a video will really improve your blog traffic. As, a result giving important information will result in bigger traffic for your blog post.

Expert Tip:

Share the ideas perfectly by placing yourself in the reader’s position
Compile the list of bestsellers

Lists look great on the blogs as they allow a lot of information to be assimilated under a single roof. Feature the best selling products, website or anything that fits with your business by incorporating links and previously published posts.

Expert Tip:

Try to be choosy with your recommendations
Repurposing Videos

Content marketing feels plain without the inclusion of videos. Create interesting videos to add to your blog. Motion pictures sell faster.

Expert Tip:

Optimize and embed the videos with precision.

One of the benefits of blogging is to identify the core areas that need to be addressed. Following the above points will inspire the bloggers, as long as the blog formats are selected with precision.

“Blogging is great, and I read blogs all day long. However, my goal is really to have a deep, meaningful discussion with people. For some reason, I’m able to accomplish this best via email”.