Marketing My Passion:

In 2008 Karina worked as a Commercial Director in Lankaan L.L.C. in Miami. The company was formed to meet the needs of people who live outside the state and were looking for interior design and renovations. Karina was in charge of networking with people related to Real State and construction. Her functions were:

• Get customers
• Prepare estimated
• Budgeting
• Sells and Promotions
• Marketing

In 2010 she participated in a Business Project related to the insurance Market. Karina was part of an American Insurance Aggregators. She was responsible for the study of demographics and other things related to marketing strategy, marketing research and consumer behavior in Florida territory.
In 2012, Karina started to do Internet Marketing. She had an internship with The Wellness Nutrition LLC where she learned:

• Marketing Research conducted among competitors
• Analyze SEO tools and developed list of keywords
• Link building
• On Site and Off Site SEO
• Social Media.

Since then Karina has been passionate about Internet Marketing. She has performed as a web project manager developing several websites for private companies and outsourcing the programing part to India.
Here some examples of her web development job as project manager:

The same year Karina did many projects on her own. She has customers in Ecuador and USA. Also, Karina has managerial skills, and general knowledge about the web development process. She is also skilled in SEO and Social Media. In 2014 she was the Social Media Manager of Crucial Clicks. At she was in charge of the social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Karina used to write blogs and engage the audience in the Self Storage Industry.
Now, Karina moved to New York because of her marriage. She is planning to work for a company where she can apply all her knowledge and skills:

• Keyword Research
• On Page Optimization
• Content Optimization
• HTML Coding
• Schema Markup
• Website Internal Linking
• Local Listings
• Content Marketing
• Link Building
• Pay Per Click
• Social Media
• Website Development
• Search Engine Optimization

“Transforming a brand into a socially responsible leader doesn’t happen overnight by simply writing new marketing and advertising strategies. It takes effort to identify a vision that your customers will find credible and aligned with their values”.
Simon Mainwaring