About Me.

I am a dedicated and passionate New York SEO expert. I love everything about my career in Internet Marketing. SEO has changed a lot and it is a customer centered practice. One of my principle roles as a SEO expert is to manage content. SEO and Content marketing go together since they can’t exist one without the other. Good Content builds trust and it is a great way to connect people with what they are looking for. In other words, SEO and Content Marketing blend in a perfect sinfonia to get to business new customers by engaging and with trustful content.

Nowadays, people look for solutions not for products. Currently, the consuming economy is moving based on brand recognition, customer satisfaction, and feedback from prior consumers. That’s why Internet Marketing plays a big role in any business. Content marketing and SEO are vital in driving traffic to websites, landing pages, etc.

Furthermore, my experience as a New York SEO expert has helped me to link both to get great results ranking pages. Knowing the latest Google Updates have helped me to be more competitive as a Digital Marketing Professional. While SEO is more technical and Content Marketing is more informative. A SEO expert must know how to use both
as one because SEO and Content are the two faces of one coin. Having good content is not enough but knowing how to promote the content is everything. Then SEO plays an important role to push relevant content to be visible to users.

Besides being a New York SEO expert, I have knowledge in PPC, Social Media, and as a Web Development Project Manager. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business with a Major in Marketing. I also hold an Import Export Management Certification form Florida International University. I have attended Zhejiang University, one of the top five schools in China.

I believe that information can help people to make their right choices for them and their needs. I believe in service and there is no better way to serve by educating people and helping them to find solutions for their problems.

Karina is a SEO expert with a vast experience in Digital Marketing. She is the founder of Rutigliano marketing an agency that helps companies to increase visibility and generate leads. Besides her SEO expertise, she has hands-on experience in PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media Paid Ads and Email Marketing.

Karina has more than 7 years of experience working in an agency and in-house managing several projects and clients in different industries. She utilizes her knowledge to create customize strategies because she knows that one size fits all approach does not provide results. Karina has a proven record of success.

She has also won a BrightEdge Award in 2018 among 200 nominated based on SEO and content marketing strategies that increase traffic and ROI. She holds a Marketing degree from Florida International University and several certifications such as Hubspot, Google Adwords, and BrighEdge. She has also attended Zheijang University, one of the top five schools in China.

Karina shares her expertise by contributing articles in Forbes, Search Engine Watch, BrightEdge’s blog, and other reputable editorials. She also has published an ebook in Amazon “Digital Marketing Proven Strategies & Tips” and have a YouTube Channel where she explains digital marketing in Spanish. She was recently interviewed at El Distrito TV Channel in Madrid Spain.

-Karina Tama-

My Marketing

Karina Tama is an Internet Marketing Specialist. She has focused her career on learning the SEO’s Best Practices, Social Media Marketing and Inbound Marketing. She is bilingual. She speaks English and Spanish. She has participated in marketing campaigns, such as: Chevy, Chevrolet with AMA “American Marketing Association” at FIU.

My College Experience

Karina Tama went to Florida International University where she earned a B.A in International Business with Marketing Major. Karina also holds an Import – Export Certification from FIU. In addition, Karina studied in Zhejiang University, China in 2010. At Zhejiang University she took a course about Chinese Business Policies.