linkbuilding strategy

Links are an important part of SEO. It can be challenging to build links but it is a practice that never stops. Stone Temple conducted a study on large data of 27,000 queries using Moz. The study found correlations between DA, PA and link count. The correlation between DA and PA was stronger than the link count. In other words, the most important for ranking is to build links from authoritative sites. Ways to get backlinks in 2019

 Link building can be risky. It is important to be cautious. Google rewards high authority sites backlinks but to earn those, you need to have high-quality content. Don’t play the game of using average content and build links to it because quality matters.

My recommendation is to create an evergreen great piece of content and then build the links.

Here are 5 ways to get those valuable incoming links:


1)         Resource Page:

This is an easy and strong way to build links. A resource page is a page that offers useful links to users for example: If I search for “seniors resource pages”,

I will find results like: links


But how I found these resource pages? Easy: just search as follow:

“Keyword” + inurl:links

“Keyword” + resource pages

“Keyword” + “helpful resources”

“Keyword” + “useful links”


2)   Infographics:

Create and add a killer infographic to your evergreen content and use it to build links. You can find tons of good sites where you can submit your infographic. I have found several websites or articles that provide infographic lists. Now, I have my own list.  Some infographic websites are free and others charge to speed out the process. I check the websites DA, traffic and I also check the quality of the content of these sites before I submit my infographic. I will suggest not to overdo this technique.


3) Guess Blog:

I love guest blogging because I consider it the most genuine way to build a link. I research for places that are accepting blog post and I email them.

When I am accepted, I write a good quality piece of content to link back to my evergreen content. This can be time-consuming but definitely, it pays off. Usually, after you write one time for these sites you can keep writing and build more links (obviously to link back with different websites). I only build one link per website. But if you have an agency like me, you can take advantage of guest blogging to build links for different clients. I like to pitch blogs that have different categories because they give me the flexibility to post content for different industries. I would say that it’s a one-time investment project. When you have your network, link building becomes easier.

Note: Be very careful with anchor text when building backlinks. I use most of the time branded and when it is difficult to add this type, I use a long-tail related keyword or an LSI keyword.


4)    Directories:

I know what you will think! That this is an old technique and that it can be dangerous. Well, yes and no! If you pick reputable -relevant directories that provide value to users, you will be fine. I have researched directories that still have SEO value and added them to my backlink sheet. The way I see things is that it makes sense for users. It will make sense to Google.

Important: I used local directories for my local business clients. I never add a link that is not relevant or doesn’t belong to my client territory/target market/industry.

  Alignable Directory links  

5) Link exchange:

Before you think that this is a bad idea, let me explain to you what I mean with link exchange. It is taking time to reach out other SEOs and offer them link placements where I already have access in exchange for their link placements, for example:

I need a link for a restaurant website and the other SEO needs a link for an insurance website. I would provide what he/she needs from one of my network (no PBN) websites and in exchange, the other SEO will provide me a link for my restaurant website. I will also check DA, traffic and look from my SEO fellow’s website. This technique can be tedious, but it is worth it. Therefore,  I am expanding my opportunities.

I know there are many other techniques out there such as broken link, Link roundup, etc. I have also used them, but I use more the ones I have discussed in this article.