digital marketing in times of Coronavirus

A couple of months or so ago, no one ever heard of coronavirus or COVID-19. Today, it’s the subject of every newscast and internet news piece. In other parts of the world, whole countries are on lockdown. Here in the United States, many states are encouraging social distancing or sheltering in place. Many people can’t go to work or have been laid off temporarily. Perhaps one of the most difficult things to deal with is […]

Voice Technology

I challenge you to think back to how quickly mobile technology exploded. Companies that invested in mobile before it became mainstream got a huge jump on their competitors. If someone told you that a new technology would be exploding within the next nine months, is that something that you’d quickly invest in to get an edge on your competition?  I recently interviewed Scott Westwater, a voice strategy expert and lead strategist for Pragmatic Digital to […]

linkbuilding strategy

Links are an important part of SEO. It can be challenging to build links but it is a practice that never stops. Stone Temple conducted a study on large data of 27,000 queries using Moz. The study found correlations between DA, PA and link count. The correlation between DA and PA was stronger than the link count. In other words, the most important for ranking is to build links from authoritative sites. Ways to get […]

what is linkbuilding

Link Building is the process of creating backlinks for your website. Link Building comes under Off-Page Optimization Strategies. It is one of the most important parts of Optimization process and helps in getting higher rankings on major search engines. There are following types of methods to get Backlinks to your website. Directory Submission It used to be a great tool for link building a couple of years back. But now things have been changed completely. […]

Webinar with Craig Campbell

In today webinar I will cover the following topic: How to execute Content and SEO strategies for B2B The key to being successful in creating SEO and Content Marketing Strategies for Businesses is to understand the funnel and its stages: Awareness Consideration Comparison Conversion Retention In B2B we are trying to reach different personas and we need to create completely different content for each stage of the funnel.  We also need to understand that our […]