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New York SEO Expert

I am a dedicated and passionate New York SEO expert. I love everything about my career of Internet Marketing. I have experience in different industries. Being a New York SEO expert is a great way to know how to rank websites in the major search engines. Knowing the latest Google Updates have helped me to be competitive as a New York SEO Expert.
I know that Social Media plays a big role. Nowadays, people look for solutions not for products. Currently, the consuming economy is moving based on brand recognition, customer satisfaction, and feedback from prior consumers. That’s why Internet Marketing plays a big role in any business. I’m happy to provide users with the information they need in order for them to make their decision on a purchase. The Social Presence is vital to drive traffic to websites, landing pages, etc.  Furthermore, my experience as a New York SEO expert has helped me to link both to get great results ranking pages.
Besides being a New York SEO expert, I have knowledge of PPC, Social Media, and as a Web Development Project Manager. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business with a Major in Marketing. I also hold an Import Export Management Certification form Florida International University. I have attended Zhejiang University, one of the top five schools in China.
I plan to expand my portfolio with a Master’s Degree in Online Marketing. I speak English and Spanish. This is a plus since I can attract the Hispanic population.
“For who are passionate about marketing, people, services and sales. Now the internet offers us infinite opportunities to serve people better and to grow a brand based on customer relationships”.
-Karina Tama-

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